Selling more Gigs on Giggerr !

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Do you want to sell more gigs on Giggerr ? Are you not sure on how to sell your gigs ? Then here are some tips to be sure you can sell more gigs ! (And at the same time find out more gigs to create!)

  1. Whenever you create a NEW gig, or already have a gig for a while, always keep promoting it on your own social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and similar websites.
    Be sure that every time you promote it you do it from a different perspective. In that way you will get more visitors on your gig here on Giggerr.
  2. Create as much gigs as you want. Yes, there is NO limit to the amount of gigs that you can create here on So why not create a lot of them and keep promoting them.
  3. Create POPULAR gigs. We get lots of people looking for the following :Logo and Banner design.
    Traffic for there webstie and / or gigs.
    Advice for Business ideaCreate something like that. And you are sure you will get sales !
  4. Talk with friend / family about And there will be more people coming to Giggerr, what will create more traffic to your gigs.
  5. Promote with your OWN referral (Every registered user has his own referral link) And make money with that as well.See example link here
  6. Use good ORIGINAL graphics in your gig and be specific in what you offer.