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One very popular and common way of earning income is becoming a freelancer on Literally thousands of people every day choose to become their own boss by working as a freelancer. If you have a skill or talent, your services are highly needed in the internet industry and it is absolutely possible for you to make excellent money by doing what you like to do, and know something about. No matter if you like to create a complete website. Or if you only solve website problems. As you can see on there is many work for you. Many website owners choose to use a freelancer for a variety of reasons, some reasons could include:

• Not enough time to do the work themselves
• They do not have the knowledge to perform the tasks
• Freelancers are often cheaper than hiring a company (Because of less overhead)
• Freelancers generally work faster
• They are too busy with other projects

These are just a few of the reasons that most business and website owners go for a freelancer instead of a large company. Typically a freelancer is cheaper than that of a larger company for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that a freelancer has no overhead costs, generally they work out of their own home and do not have any employees they have to pay. Additionally, by working out of their own home they do not have the type of running expenses that a larger business will have, this means that they can offer clients a more competitive and cheaper price for their services.

Another excellent aspect of being a freelancer is the ability to offer high quality and personalized service to your clients. If you are good your client will come back. This alone can be more appealing to a client than the prices you charge. Many large businesses have so many things going on at once, that they cannot always give the personal attention that a client often wants. Make sure you give that to your client. Starting as a freelancer is simple on

Register, and create your gigs. No limit on that. Be specific on what you offer and make it clear for your potential buyer what they get after buying your gig.

Then marketed it on social media. You can even use our banners to market Giggerr, so you will sell more !

Hope to see you soon as a new Seller here on